Leumi International Bank Of Israel hacked, Data Leaked for #OpIsrael v2

leumi The Leumi International Bank of Israel was one of today’s first targets from Latin hack team who all day have been posting leaked data from various Israeli based sites. The attacks have been carried out in the name of #Opisrael and as normal announced to twitter by the main @TeamLHT account who posted the leaked data to anonpaste> leumi.co.ilLeumi International Bank Of Israel #OpIsrael anonpaste.me/anonpaste2/ind… @youranonnews @hackread @cyber_war_news — LatinHackTeam (@TeamLHT) April 7, 2013

The leak contains clear text passwords, email addresses, full names and addresses as well as a second part which includes emails passwords and phone numbers with the passwords once again being clear text. all together there is 158 of 247 total accounts that do not have duplicated emails. Follow the Opisrael tag on twitter for live updates

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