@Level7Crew Raided, Searched, Arrested, Bailed and Equipment Seized

9a7c2a258790a80fdce6a76e851596dc Over the last 24 hrs i have been tipped off to a raid and arrest on the main member of @Level7Crew who is now due to face court for alleged hacking incidents. Recently Level7Crew had announced an operation due to start yesterday, 15th November 2013, against Skype for working with the government and spying on its users. Yesterday they contacted me just a few short hours after the raid and let me know what has happened. According to them as they sat in their bedroom on the 14th of November 2013 a heap of police showed up with a warrant to search the premises and seize any equipment they think was using for hacking. He was taken under arrest and taken to the local station and held for 3 hours before being released on bail. The attacks they have alleged he carried out are against the NCA and Action fraud websites and as a result all computers, mobile devices and gaming consoles have been seized while police examine them for further evidence of these attacks. copy of Level7Crews copy of the warrant which was approved on the 6th of November, 8 days before it was used. level7crew

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