Lewis and Clark Community College sends out notifications concerning ransomware incident

As reported previously, Lewis and Clark Community College was hit with a ransomware attack in November, 2021. They announced it immediately due to impact on the functioning of their systems, but it appears that they are just now issuing breach notification letters to individuals.

Their notification letter says that information was encrypted but that there was no evidence that individuals’ information was accessed or misused.

So what is the 26 GB of data that Quantum claims to have uploaded? Is it all internal documents but without any personally identifiable information?

What data does Quantum have from the college?

DataBreaches.net sent an inquiry to Quantum asking whether any personal information was in the 26 GB, but has received no reply.

DataBreaches has also sent an inquiry to LCCC to ask them what is in the 26 GB dump. Hopefully, they will answer.

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