LG Smart World Hacked 11,316 Accounts Leaked

lgsmartworld The official LG Application website (https://www.lgsmartworld.com/) has been breached by a hacker using the handle @Ur0b0r0x who also recently attacked and dumped 30 sites from the Colombian government. The attack on LG has resulted in 11,316 user accounts and was announced from twitter and posted to pastebin as a teaser with 2 links to mirrors that contain the 12,000 accounts.

Ur0b0r0x ‏@Ur0b0r0x 12.000 USER HACKED LG APP SMART WORLD @LivingLG @lgapplication @LGUS #LG HAPPY HACKING https://pastebin.com/RM08i42Q #Leaks #Hacked #Security #ZuUuUu

The download is a 1mb text file in the format of email and password which are encrypted. As you can see the breach has been processed by ozdc.net, if you fear your account has been compromised then be sure to do a search to confirm this. https://pastebin.com/RM08i42Q

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