LG’s False Request Content Take Down

lg_logoToday i woke to 8 emails that had been sent within minutes of each other all exactly the same and funny enough they all come from the LG public relations office. Last week we did a post on LG Smart world being hacked and having its data leaked online. This data was verified by us and archived for research and history purposes. In the email they state they have not been able to verify the data leaked and they would like us to remove the content. Well i hate to burst your bubble LG, but it simply does not work like that. The data was leaked and the article will be staying and further more your attempt to push over and silence a voice only leads to your request email being published. The request. > To: Webmaster From: John Taylor [email protected] Message: We noticed that you recently reported on an alleged breach to LG’s Smart World site by a hacker. We have been unable to verify a breach, and as far as we know, no private or sensitive information has been accessed. Therefore, we would like to kindly ask that you pull your post down from your site. The security of LG Smart World users’ data is a top priority, and we will continue to monitor reports of alleged hacking and take additional protective measures wherever necessary. Thank you for your cooperation. Cordially, John Taylor Vice President, Public Affairs LG Electronics USA

Funny enough even the original post from pastebin has not been taken down…

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