Lincoln Nonprofit’s Laptop Containing Vital Information Stolen in Car Break-In

Here is yet another reminder of (1) why you don’t leave devices in your car with critical information on them, and (2) why you need backups of mission critical data. Doug Johnson reports:

LINCOLN — A Lincoln charity is desperate for help after their laptop was stolen from a Natomas restaurant parking lot.

Maria & Joseph’s Ministry to the Poor sends vitamins to the Philippines, but the president of the charity, Klint Robins, says without his computer those pills will not get to the people who need them.


“The children aren’t starving because you can have rice, you have salt, you have a little bit of vegetables,” Robins said. “But it’s not the right kind of foods.”

The addresses where boxes of vitamins need to be sent are now gone.

So even if some good samaritan provides a replacement laptop, the information is gone. How sad is that?  I’m sure Mr. Robins is already beating himself up over this, and I don’t want to pile on, but if there’s any way readers might remember this incident and vow not to leave your devices in unattended cars, and to have backups, well…… maybe some good can come out of this?

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