Line 204 hacked by TheDarkOverlord

Line 204 in Hollywood has disclosed that they were hacked by TheDarkOverlord. The Los Angeles Business Journal reports:

“All we know right now is that the group has stolen Line 204’s client database, and we’re working with the FBI now to uncover exactly what they may actually have in their possession,” a Line 204 spokeswoman said.

Line 204 Chief Executive Alton Butler said in statement, “I can confirm that Line 204 was a victim of an international cyberattack organization, on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017. This group has hit other studios in the past year and is trying to continue their destructive path with Line 204. We immediately took measures to minimize the damages and block further invasion to protect the information of our company and clients.

The Hollywood Reporter also covers the studio’s announcement, but mistakenly reports that they had hacked into Netflix and Disney, when they had not hacked either of those entities.

Curiously, Line 204 is reporting that the hack occurred on October 26. Based on statements made by the hackers, the hack did not occur last Thursday.  In fact, on September 29, three days after informing of some of their recent activities including contacting a Hollywood studio that they had allegedly hacked, TDO had tweeted:

We’re back, Hollywood. Another studio has fallen.

The hackers subsequently informed this site that they were referring to Line 204, so the hack and data exfiltration likely did not happen last Thursday, but likely happened more than one month ago.

On October 26, the date the studio claims the hack occurred, the hackers posted two more tweets:

We’ve another big Hollywood story coming.


We’ll give you 204 good reasons to walk our thin line.

So perhaps the studio declared October 26 as the date of the hack because that’s when they first discovered the breach, even though the hackers claimed to have notified them/contacted them them one month earlier?  The hackers had not informed this site whether the “Hollywood studio” they referred to in September and which they named to this site as Line 204 in mid-October had actually acknowledged or answered their contact in September.

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