Lined up in the sights of Vietnamese hackers

Hakan Tanriverdi, Max Zierer, Ann-Kathrin Wetter, Kai Biermann (Zeit Online), and Thi Do Nguyen (Zeit Online) report:

A group of Vietnamese hackers has been systematically spying on dissidents for years, including in Germany. The victims feel left alone by authorities as an investigation by BR and Zeit Online is able to show.

Bui Thanh Hieu had already paid the attendance fee of 200 euros when he heard a warning. He intended to give a speech at a conference near Stuttgart. However, then, he was given the following hint: The Vietnamese secret service might have infiltrated the event. Bui Thanh Hieu is one of the best known bloggers from Vietnam. Most people in Germany know Vietnam as a holiday destination with beautiful beaches and great food. Bui documents the other side: the one-party state that intimidates everyone voicing criticism. A state that tolerates corruption and arbitrariness of authorities.


h/t, Catalin Cimpanu

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