Linh Crystal Breached, 7,000+ Account Credentials Leaked by @JM511

https-linhcrystal-com-failed-to-load A hacker using the handle @JM511 who is well known for their data leaks has leaked a dump of data from the Linh Crystal website ( The website, which is currently offline appears to be a blog/forum based system which is running on a social community script name phpfox. The breach was announced over twitter some time today and has been posted to the hackers own file storage site which is a subdomain of> More Then 71K user+Pass+emailFUCKED BY #JM511…@cyber_war_news @pastebin @ozdatacenta — JM511 Hacker (@JM511) June 3, 2013

The data leak is in the format of a raw sql extraction and contains just over 7500 accounts even though the hacker announced it as 71k.   jm511-persiangig-com-usernamepasswordemailip-txt Credentials in the leak have been partially censored but that only is for users full names which have been changed to "hacked by @jm511". Other credentials are emails, user names and encrypted passwords.

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