Lizard Squad claims responsibility Blizzard DDoS attack; employee personal information leaked, games offline

Atle Williatham reports:

… Last night, Blizzard became the victim of a DDoS attack which took out all of Blizzards games and notorious hacker group, Lizard Squad, is claiming responsibility for the attack. Whether or not it was them has not been confirmed by external sources.

As if a DDoS attack wasn’t enough, Lizard Squad also managed to get their hands on personal information for a few Blizzard employees which has begun to be spread across the internet (which we will not link to). From the looks of it, a Blizzard employee’s Outlook account was hacked which lead to personal information and contact lists with information about other Blizzard employees being found.

Read more on GameZone.

Note: this is the @LizardLands account on Twitter that claimed responsibility, not the “Lizard Squad” account that is @urharmless.

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