Lockbit, Hive, and BlackCat attack automotive supplier in triple ransomware attack

Linda Smith, Rajat Wason, and Syed Zaidi of Sophos write:

In May 2022, an automotive supplier was hit with three separate ransomware attacks. All three threat actors abused the same misconfiguration – a firewall rule exposing Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on a management server – but used different ransomware strains and tactics.

The first ransomware group, identified as Lockbit, exfiltrated data to the Mega cloud storage service, used Mimikatz to extract passwords, and distributed their ransomware binary using PsExec.

The second group, identified as Hive, used RDP to move laterally, before dropping their ransomware just two hours after the Lockbit threat actor.

As the victim restored data from backups, an ALPHV/BlackCat affiliate accessed the network, installed Atera Agent (a legitimate remote access tool) to establish persistence, and exfiltrated data. Two weeks after the Lockbit and Hive attacks, the threat actor distributed their ransomware, and cleared Windows Event Logs. Sophos’ Rapid Response (RR) team investigated, and found several files which had been encrypted multiple times – as many as five in some instances.

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