Lodi School District Officials Report Data Breach At 2 Schools

It’s hard to keep up with all the school district reports of breaches this school year.  On February 15, there was a report on Lodi School District that I’m first catching up with. It wasn’t a ransomware incident, and all CBS reported was the following:

School officials in Lodi are investigating after student data was breached at two different schools.

The schools affected were Bear Creek High and Ronald E. McNair High. The school district says someone accessed the electronic grade books of three staff members.

The data included names, addresses, parent contact information, grades, attendance and medical information.

Officials say there is no evidence the information was misused.

They got data protected by FERPA? And medical information?

I do not find any other media coverage on this one, and there is nothing that I can find on the district’s website or the schools’ websites. So what happened here?

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