Lohud, USAToday, Microsoft Attacked by .c0mrade

in what has been a a month of higher profile attacks on well known company by the same hackers, .c0mrade has come out int he past few days with a small attack on some very big targets, The targets are 2 news sites and a Microsoft server which has exposed a few Microsoft employee details as well as minor database information and the following message. Message from USAToday part,

Here’s a portion of USA Today’s database, we don’t plan to commit extortion, nor do we plan to handle the issue in hand by regulation. We will handle the situation thorougly, USA Today has been emailed about the breach. If we don’t get a response by the end of this week, we’ll walk away from the whole standard drone act. USA Today (small portion of Database)

Microsoft Message:

Microsoft was initially targeted due to constantly consecrating the supreme leverage of security. I know these log-in’s will be bulldozed the second this hits the Internet, but that simply isn’t the matter. The whole point of these intrusions was to prove the abomination that is rapidly taking over our nation. Am I right, puppets? Fuck the Government, Fuck Regulation, Fuck everything.

Microsoft leak contains 2 user details Lohud leak contains 6 admin accounts with encrypted passwords. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2030 https://pastebin.com/nRCcAFpQ

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