Long Island students busted for allegedly hacking into high school’s computer system, changing grades and schedules

Edgar Sandoval and Thomas Tracy report that three teens have been arrested for hacking into Commack High School‘s system to change about 300 students’ schedules and grades. One of the teens allegedly attached a keylogger to a classroom computer to obtain the login credentials. Daniel Soares, 17, is accused of then logging in to the system from his home computer to change schedules and grades.

Any changes they made were corrected before students received their schedules or grades, school officials said. “Once the breach was discovered, password protection safeguards and network protocols prevented further access to the data management system, and no further private or personal information was accessed,” according to a statement by the Commack school district.

The information Soares managed to access contained student ID numbers, names, addresses, contact information and student schedules, but no sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, officials said.

Soares was charged with burglary and computer tampering, while his peers were charged with computer trespass.

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