Louisiana OMV offices to remain closed Thursday morning

 KPLC TV reports that the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles remains closed this morning following Monday’s ransomware attack.

Yesterday, KPLC posted a list of all of the state offices that had been impacted by the attack:

  • Office of Motor Vehicles

Around 79 OMV offices went offline Monday due to the ransomware attacks and ceased any driver’s license issuing car registration renewal from happening.

  • Department of Children and Family Services

The agency couldn’t conduct business as usual when its system went down Monday, particularly if people were trying to apply for food stamps or even report child abuse online.

Most of the 375,000 SNAP benefit recipients were still good to use their EBT cards, which were loaded electronically during the first two weeks of the month.

  • Louisiana Department of Health
  • Louisiana Secretary of State
  • Louisiana Public Service Commission
  • Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries

Residents were also unable to purchase hunting licenses because of the ransomware attack.

In a somewhat intriguing statement, KPLC had also reported:

State officials say they now know the culprit behind a ransom attack that crippled dozens of government-run offices across the state.

Do they mean that they have attributed the ransomware attack to a specific actor, or do they simply mean that they know how ransomware got into the system? Later in the report, KPLC reports:

According to state cybersecurity commissioner, Jeff Moulton, someone downloaded an unauthorized program containing a virus to a state computer.

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