Louisville dental assistant copied medical records – Police

WDRB reports:

Police say they’ve arrested a Louisville woman for copying the medical records of several patients of a dental office back in 2005.

Police say Tanya Hubbard was working as a dental assistant in Dec. 26, 2005 (when she was 26) when she made copies of medical records belonging to 23 patients.

According to an arrest warrant, she told witnesses that she did it to get the office “in trouble.”

The arrest warrant does not name the dental office involved.

Police say the medical records copied included the radiographs taken of her boyfriend.

Hubbard was immediately fired from the dental office.

She was arrested Monday afternoon and faces 23 misdemeanor counts of theft. She was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning, but was released on bond before the scheduled arraignment.

Read more on WDRB.  So why did she first get arrested for this now? If they fired her “immediately,” it suggests they knew about the breach back in 2005.  Were any of the patients notified of the breach at the time?  Did she retain the data for all these years?

It would be nice to have some more details on this one.

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