Lukashenko hid the real data of Covid-19 mortality. A cyber attack has revealed figures about 14 times higher

The following is a Google translation of a news report by Anastasia Harea:

Belarusian authorities have lied about the number of deaths caused by the new coronavirus. Everything came to light after a group of anonymous hackers from Belarus broke into the national civil status system, and the data found showed that between March 2020 and March 2021, the death rate in the country is higher than about 14 times more than the authorities reported.

According to an article in the Belarusian publication Nastoiashee vremia / Current Time , which gained access to pirated data – a series of personal data of 1.4 million Belarusians who died from January 2010 to March 2021, in 2020 in Belarus died 145 thousand people – this is the highest figure in the post-war history of the country, except for 2002, when due to demographic circumstances, primarily the aging population, 146 thousand died. For comparison: in Russia, the record mortality rate occurred in 2003.

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