LulzSec Release juicy gossip Pastebin document to fbi

Another "Snitch" Marshal Webb Exposed

Another tweet on lulzsec account has stated that We decided to unleash the kraken on two jackasses: One of the latest release’s of information by group LulzSec seems to be personal information and aimed at the FBI. the document starts off with saying "Hi FBI & other law enforcement clowns," and goes on to say This is Marshal Webb, also known as "[redacted]" in the "#pure-elite" IRC logs you no doubt have enjoyed. He was involved in the hacking of the game "Dues Ex" and was/is involved in countless other cyber crimes. So is this actually real? will this result in another person being arrested like Ryan Cleary has been? It seems that anyone getting in the way is being "Exposed" before the pose a threat. It may not be this, probably isn’t, I’m probably thinking to deep into this but its just all a bit Sus coming out while operation anti Security is up and running.

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