LulzSecAus Recruiting, LulzSec continues on through different teams

Well its not even been 24hrs since LulzSec made the announcement and u can see new LulzSec teams popping up over twitter and facebook. A quick user search on each of the social networks returns quick a fair load of active accounts. One fo the latest is LulzSecAus, we have noticed a few tweets

PhizoLulz Phizo @LulzSecAus Yo, am I still able to sail with you or not? @LulzSecAus The Lulz Boat

@PhizoLulz Hmm, destroy something in our name and you’re in 🙂 @LulzSecAus What do you have in mind?

LulzSecAus The Lulz Boat @

@PhizoLulz Surprise Us! We love surprises!

That was the start of it that lead on to a few hacks, [album id=2 template=extend] > PhizoLulz Phizo

@LulzSecAus I’ll try my best >:3.

PhizoLulz Phizo

@LulzSecAus… — Good enough? Just a quick one :3.

@LulzSecAus @PhizoLulz nice work, think you’d be able to hit up some GOV / EDU links?

PhizoLulz Phizo

@LulzSecAus If I get an EDU I’m in :3?

PhizoLulz Phizo @LulzSecAus No problem >:3. I’ve got one. What would you like, the logins? If you want the logins, follow me so I can DM you.

PhizoLulz Phizo

@LulzSecAus Tango down –…– Am I in? Follow me and I’ll DM you for proof I did it. Logins included.

@LulzSecAus Mirror:… – Incase it goes down before you see it ;).

Later on the LulzRaft joined in aswell > PhizoLulz Phizo @LulzSecAus Zone-H screwed it up a little. This is what it really looks like:…

so the lulz boat sails on smoothly… enjoy 🙂

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