#LulzXmas the modern day robin hood, takes control and gives gifts out

Many off you will of seen, heard of or even received the very Merry spirit from just 2 Hackers this Christmas. The Hacker "Charrie Wong" who has been seen on CWN a few times before and even Australian TV on SBS insights & lulzfunny who seems fairly new have been on a Jolly "rampage" of taking from the rich and giving to the poor and have taken the robin hood style to a WHOLE new level with a modern touch. Giving nearly $100,000 away in Presents ranging from "Pizzas to Servers & Domains to iPads". #LulzXmas is the name they have taken and it seems they have fulfilled exactly what they have set out to do. With heart wrenching story’s off their amazing generosity, it seems this Christmas is dedicated to the 99%. Merry Christmas from all the Staff at CWN & Destructive Security ( CWN is not affiliated with these attacks or operations at all ) content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-lulzfunny-zomg-flooded-with-so-many.png content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-lulzfunny-zomg-flooded-with-so-many.png content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-lulzfunny-zomg-flooded-with-so-many.png

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