Luxembourg energy companies struggling with alleged ransomware attack, data breach

Jonathan Greig reports:

Two companies based in Luxembourg are grappling with an alleged ransomware attack that began last week, the latest in a string of incidents involving European energy companies.

Encevo Group said its Luxembourg entities Creos – an energy network operator – and the supplier Enovos were “victims of a cyberattack on the night of July 22.”

The company said the attack took down customer portals for both companies but did not affect the supply of electricity and gas.

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In earlier responding to reports of the attack, Twitter user @z0man, a security professional in Germany involved in the security of industrial systems, reminded everyone of the value of segmentation in protecting critical systems:

“BlackCat hit Creos (pipeline) and some weeks ago German Count+Care, a service company of electricity company #Entega. In both cases (Creos and Entega) the segmentation of critical services worked quite well!”

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