Luxottica has a lot more explaining to do

Update:  My source was correct. On November 12, HHS added Luxottica’s report to their public breach tool.  Luxottica reported, as a business associate, that 829,454 patients were impacted by the August breach.

In September, we learned that the eyewear giant Luxottica had suffered a massive ransomware attack that resulted in its suspending operations in both China and Italy. Luxottica, which is the parent company of EyeMed, LensCrafters, and Pearle Vision, initially claimed that there was no evidence of access or theft of information from users and consumers, a claim that the threat actors disputed.

Then in October, two things happened. The first is that Nefilim ransomware operators added Luxottica to their dedicated leak site and started dumping data from the attack.

The second is that Luxottica announced what is described as a second breach that had occurred at the beginning of August and was discovered on August 9. That breach — which has not been described as a ransomware attack nor attributed to Nefilim (at least not  yet) — enabled the attackers to get patient and consumer data from the appointment scheduling program and system.  On October 27, Luxottica started sending notifications about that incident.  BleepingComputer has more on that. A source had informed that up to 800,000 may have been impacted by the scheduling system breach, but Luxottica has not responded to inquiries sent to it last month and this month about the breaches. (See update at top of post).



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