MA: Local girl with rare condition has fundraising money stolen

Hackers stole hundreds of dollars from a bank account a young child had created to buy toys for other sick children. MyFoxBoston has the  story:

Noelle Gregoire first started raising money in “Laps for Backs” after she was inspired by her own trips to Tufts Floating Hospital. Gregoire suffers from a rare degenerative spinal condition, dysplastic spondylolisthesis, that essentially keeps her home-bound and in a back brace.


Two years ago, she decided to wanted to keep the toy closet full for other sick children.

“She knows what it feels like to be that kid, to get that toy. And she has that compassion and empathy that most kids don’t because of what she’s been through,” her mother Danielle said.

Noelle raised money for her charity by swimming 1.5 miles across a New Hampshire lake – the only physical activity she can actually complete without fear of paralysis or intense pain.

She and her mother also started a GoFundMe page, and have delivered several thousand dollars worth of toys to Tufts.

All of that changed, however, on Tuesday, when Danielle went to check Noelle’s bank account balance before a planned shopping trip for more toys.

“There was seven dollars left, there was nothing left,” Danielle said. “The look on her face – that was the worst part – to see the devastation on her face that it was gone.”


Noelle filed a claim for fraud protection and relayed what happened on her GoFundMe page. Two days ago, her mother posted the following:

Wow, it has been quite the week! With everyone’s support, Noelle’s goal has been surpassed! I don’t think I could begin to express the gratitude and appreciation for everyone who has supported her this past week with sharing her story, writing kind words, and donating. I know thank you is not enough, but it’s the best I can do. We are now working with 2 more medical facilities which are also in need of prizes for kids. So many are benefitting from everyone’s generousity.

And as of this afternoon, Noelle’s GoFundMe page has $5,999.

Way to go, Noelle, good karma to all those who pitched in to help, and really bad karma and future prosecution to the hackers.


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