MA: New Bedford: public release of info on cyber attack could put city at further risk

Jack Spillane reports:

Cyber professionals have “strongly advised” the city against providing any details about the impacts of a computer virus that has shut down municipal computers for more than a week.

Jonathan Carvalho, the city’s public information officer, released a statement late Friday that said New Bedford continues to implement restoration plans on its municipal computer network. For most of a week the city has provided little information about what is going on with a virus that has at least shut down some of the computers at both City Hall and in the Fire Department. It is not known what other departments may be affected although officials have said the police are not involved and neither is the 911 emergency network.

The city has refused to say exactly how many computers are down, where they are located, the name of the cyber security consultant it is working with or how much money the shutdown may be costing New Bedford. The city has said it has insurance against meltdown that could take out the network.

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