MAD Security awarded $1.2M Four-Year BPA Contract with US Coast Guard

The American government has been on a spending spree grabbing contracts with security firms for a huge range of divisions. The latest is the American coast guard, they have been awarded a 1.2 million four year contract to provide security training and solutions. Mad security has been providing the us federal government with security solutions and training for some time now but its the first time they have been award the coast guards contract. The US coast Guard is actually apart of the homeland security and mad will be working under the direct control of the USCG and provide high level security. Now this is sort of a follow up on a recent article about the national cyber security awareness month and the waste of money it is and that they could do better things, this is much the same, why doesn’t the US coast guard put the money into creating a team of experts that are not contracted from a third party civilian division. I can see that by having a third party division there will be not as much personal care to the job, lack of commitment and overall laziness. If there is a team that purely deals with the USCG security then they will adapt to that and be committed to the security and not be distracted by other projects or jobs that the civilian contractors often have floating about.

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