Maffi Clinic notifies 10,465 after ransomware incident

On September 11, 2018, Maffi Clinics in Arizona joined the ranks of those attacked by ransomware.

From their notification letter (see below), it appears that the clinic was prepared and quickly implemented their incident response plan.

The consulting firm promptly identified the unauthorized access point and terminated it; isolated and removed the ransomware; and restored all of our data. The consulting firm also determined the unauthorized access began approximately 5 hours before the system was shut down, at which point the access ended. The consulting firm found no evidence any of our data was viewed or downloaded and, to date, we have not received any ransom request.

In the proverbial “abundance of caution,” the clinic decided to mail written notices to all patients.  Their submission to HHS indicates that came to 10,465 patients.

You can read the full notification letter below.


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