Magecart attackers hit Claire’s, Intersport web shops

Zeljka Zorz reports:

Magecart attackers have compromised web shops belonging to large retail chains Claire’s and Intersport and equipped them with payment card skimmers.

The compromise of Claire’s online store and that of its sister brand Icing has been flagged by Sansec researchers.

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Update of June 17:  Intersport sent the following statement:

We would like to inform you that Intersport has recently witnessed a malicious attack on Intersport websites in the region, specifically in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro.

In this hacking attack, a code was installed on our websites with purpose to scan payment card data. Intersport reacted immediately upon discovery and the suspicious code was removed.

No payment card information were intercepted, as online card payments are processed through independent WSPay payment platform, which was not affected by the malicious code.

Emir Dizdarević, CEO of WSPay, said: “As a Payment Service Provider for Intersport group, we can confirm that all the payment card details entered into WSPay payment Form are secure and were not affected by this cyber attack.” WSPay uses all methods in accordance with PCI DSS L1 certification to secure entering and transfer of payment cards data as well as all other information entered on WSPay Form.

Intersport’s partner agency Optiweb, responsible for the development and maintenance of Intersport’s web pages, has thoroughly checked and diagnosed the attack. Miha Lavtar, CEO of Optiweb, said: “Based on the event log data and the limited access of the usernames, we can conclude that attackers have not been able to gain any payment card data or personal data related to Intersport users.”

The situation is further monitored and Intersport is applying additional preventive security measures in cooperation with Optiweb and their server infrastructure partners. Online shopping on all Intersport web pages remains safe for all customers.


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