Maine banks checking for impact from data theft (Heartland Payment Systems follow-up)

Tux Turkel reports:

Maine banks and credit unions were scrambling this morning to assess the scope of a nationwide data breach involving credit and debit cards.


It was not immediately clear whether Maine customers had been victims of fraud related to the Heartland breach, but some banks were making plans to reissue cards, just to be safe.

Kennebunk Savings Bank has 7,000 MasterCard accounts that potentially could have been compromised. The bank decided this morning that it will send new cards to customers, although it hadn’t gotten any reports of misused cards.

Other banks were waiting for more information, to assess whether their customers were at risk. Bangor Savings Bank, which has 70,000 Visa cardholders, said its internal fraud-detection software had so far not detected any problems. For now, the bank isn’t planning to reissue new cards for all customers.


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