Maine: Thousands of Five County Credit Union Customers Issued New Cards Following Security Breach

MyFOXMaine reports:

Several thousand customers of Five County Credit Union are getting new debit and credit cards after security breaches involving an unnamed retailer and processing center.

Five County says about 3,000 credit and debit card customers are getting new cards because of the breach, which happened with a third party, not the credit union. Several debit cards did have suspicious transactions out of Florida, leading the credit union to shut down and reissue about 2,500 debit cards.

There’s been no suspicious activity involving credit cards, but the credit union is issuing about 500 new Visa credit cards for similar concerns, as a precaution.

An official at the credit union, based in Bath, says nobody’s personal information or money is at risk. They say it’s another sign of how aggressive hackers are, and how aggressive banks and credit unions need to be to respond to the threat.

Anyone know who the retailer is? If it’s a retailer big enough to require one credit union to replace 3,000 cards, there must be other financial institutions also busy replacing cards.

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