Maitland dentist office threatened with $20,000 ransomware

Amanda Martinez reports:

A dentist office in Maitland is the latest victim of a ransomware attack in Seminole County.

Dr. Carl Bilancione said all of his Quickbooks accounting files were encrypted and a pop-up screen instructed him to pay $10,000. Every 48 hours, the ransom would double, according to the message.

“What the IT people ascertained is that these are not the most brilliant hackers in the world, they buy a kit and send out this information and hack your computer and when they see somebody has Quickbooks they know it’s a business,” Bilancione said. “That’s the key.”

Although five months-worth of accounting files were taken during the hacking, Bilancione assured that all patient records are safe and untouched, stored separately on a secure system.

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