Making the Case for Uploading Personal Medical Data (Opinion)

Theodore F. di Stefano writes in E-Commerce Times:

Consolidated medical information online could not only save lives but also create efficiencies. Plus, privacy concerns could be swept aside by allowing patients to secure their data by giving short-term or long-term passwords to medical providers.


First of all, you the patient would obviously have the password to your site and would permit other medical providers and interested parties to have access to that site. That access could be short-term or long-term, depending on your wishes and the needs of the person to whom you’ve granted access.

You could give short-term passes that, for example, would only permit access to one single view of your medical records. Also, you could grant access to only certain parts of your records — for example, your prescriptions.

You the patient could input some of your own medical information such as your blood pressure, blood sugar readings and even weight. Additionally, you could input certain medical episodes that are significant to a healthcare provider such as angina attacks, fainting spells, or occurrences of certain stomach problems.

The bottom line to all of this is that virtually all of your records can be stored on one Web site and only you and those to whom you grant specific permission would have access to that site. Your information is portable in that it will follow you anywhere in the world. You or a medical professional merely have to have Internet access.

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