Man, 30, held over hacking attacks with ransom demands on two Hong Kong travel agencies

There’s a follow-up to a breach noted previously on this site. Clifford Lo reports:

A 30-year-old Hong Kong man was arrested in connection with cyberattacks in which the computers of two travel agencies in the city were hacked and their clients’ sensitive personal information held for ransom, with payouts in bitcoin sought last week.

As had been thought, it was the same suspect involved in both attacks.

The Post understands the suspect, a computer technician, hacked into the computers of the agencies on New Year’s Day through security loopholes on their websites hours before the companies were hit with demands for a ransom to be paid in bitcoin.

Read more on South China Morning Post. The suspect was eventually caught by his IP address. It’s impressive that law enforcement solved the case within less than one week from the incidents.

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