Man 'Devastated' When Doctor Tells Boss Of HIV Status

A Boston man said his right to privacy was broken and now he’s suing his hospital and doctor for negligence. NewsCenter 5’s Kelley Tuthill reported that the man, who did not use his name, is HIV positive and that information was accidentally given to his boss. The man said the mistake has been devastating.

“I let everyone in triage know that nobody knew … that absolutely nobody knew,” he said.

The man said he was adamant when he checked into Caritas St. Elizabeth’s emergency room in 2005 that his HIV status must remain private. He said he then heard Dr. Angela Sweeny talking to his boss.

“I thought maybe I’d imagined it … hoped I’d imagined it,” he said.

He said the doctor denied it at first, but then admitted telling his boss.

Full story – The Boston Channel

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