Man pleads guilty to fraud after stealing thousands of X-rays

Speaking of stolen x-rays, here’s another case in the news this week. Andrew Seymour reports from Canada:

A Toronto man stopped by police in a U-Haul truck filled with nearly 54,000 stolen X-rays was after the silver in the medical imaging scans, and not the personal information printed on them, a prosecutor told a judge Friday.

Billy Demitro could have potentially netted between $7,000 and $10,000 for the silver contained within the truckload of barrels of X-rays he picked up from a dozen medical imaging labs in Ottawa and beyond by posing as an employee of an environmental recycling company. The X-rays were due for destruction.

Some of the X-rays contained personal information, including the patient’s social insurance number, home phone number and date of birth, said assistant Crown attorney James Bocking.

Read more on The Ottawa Citizen.

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