Man: Toyota Gave Customer’s Personal Info

From the still-shaking-my-head dept.:

Okay, this isn’t one of those huge breaches that get a lot of media coverage, but really, folks….

A Connecticut man says that he received hundreds of calls from Toyota over a six month period, claiming that he owed them money on car payments. He kept telling them that he was not their customer and that there was no “Jaron” there, but they kept calling. So when they wouldn’t stop calling, he started questioning them. WFSB reports:

McCartney said he then started asking the callers to prove that they were really from Toyota by telling him the information he provided on his credit application. He said that over several weeks, they told him Mazurowski’s birth date, Social Security number, address, workplace, the make and model of his car, the loan number and even the VIN number from the car.


He said then decided to take another approach. He said he the callers that he was going to commit identity theft.

He said the callers responded by saying, “That would be very immature of you, sir.”

He said even those efforts didn’t stop the callers from revealing Mazurowski information over and over.


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