Man who tries to report breach to Sears finds himself talking to someone in India?

Here we go again. It’s bad enough to have an easily avoidable breach. It’s worse when you make it difficult for people to report it to you. Today’s entry in this Hall of Shame is Sears.

Nesita Kwan reports personal information of hundreds of former Sears employees, including their Social Security numbers, photos, records with marital status information, as well as birth certificates, termination papers and forms detailing accusations of theft was found in file cabinets a South Side Chicago man bought at a liquidation sale last weekend.

Hersey Mallory said his surprise turned to frustration when he tried to alert the retailer of the problem and couldn’t get anyone to care enough to take the files back.

Read more on NBC Chicago.

Stores should not be allowed to claim they care about privacy when they make people jump through hoops to report a breach or get it addressed.

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