Manuel Delia’s Blog Cyber-Attacked By Ukrainian Hackers On A Scale ‘Rarely Seen On Other Maltese Websites’

Tom Diacono reports:

Journalist-blogger Manuel Delia has warned his blog is being targeted by Ukrainian hackers in what he described as one of the most vicious cyber-attacks in Maltese history.

“The storm has been raging for most of this week and every effort of the technical team to counter the attack is met by a vicious onslaught on some other vulnerability of the website,” Delia said in an article on The Shift News. “The great bulk of the attack comes from Ukraine, though computers from all over the globe are being used to complement those waves. The website’s engineers say it is a well-funded, professional attack on a scale rarely known to be used on other websites in Malta.”

Read more on Lovin Malta.  There’s a great statement in the blogger’s post that I want to emphasize here:

Many people make the mistake of thinking this is an assault on the right of journalists to speak their mind. It is that. But it is more importantly an assault on people’s right to know.

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