Maple Grove Farms of Vermont site hacked; customers notified

Jordan Greenberg, Vice President of Maple Grove Farms of Vermont writes:

 On November 16, 2013, B&G Foods North America, Inc. discovered that an unauthorized third party had earlier that day attacked the online e-commerce website associated with our Maple Grove Farms brand. We are sending you this letter as a cautionary measure because we believe that certain information about you, which may have included your name, address, telephone number, and credit / debit card number, may have been accessed without authorization.

We regret this incident and immediately upon discovery took the affected website offline, analyzed the scope of the attack, and implemented technical security measures to stop the attack and prevent it from recurring. Nevertheless, we are writing to make you aware of this incident so that you can alert your financial institution to have it cancel and reissue your card or take other appropriate action.

Read more of their December 3rd notification letter to those affected on the California Attorney General’s web site (pdf). It’s noteworthy that they seemingly detected the attack within hours of its occurrence.

Update: The breach was also reported to Maryland, where 1 resident was affected.

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