Maplesoft Affected by Security Breach

Seen on Maplesoft’s web site:

Maplesoft is investigating a security breach of its administrative database that took place on July 17th, 2012. As a result of the breach, the perpetrators gained access to some email subscription data, including email addresses, first and last names, and company and institution names. Any financial information held by Maplesoft remains secure, and has not been affected by this security breach.

The perpetrators appear to be using email addresses they have taken from the database to spread viruses or malware. The perpetrators are posing as Maplesoft in an attempt to have individuals they email click on a link or download a malicious piece of software.  Recipients should not respond to these emails and they should not open any attachments or click on any download links. These emails should be deleted immediately. Maplesoft discovered the security breach after some of Maplesoft’s customers received what appeared to be a spam email.  Notification of the spam email was then immediately posted on the Maplesoft website. Upon investigation by Maplesoft’s IT staff, the security breach was discovered and Maplesoft took immediate corrective actions to stop the breach and prevent further unauthorized access to Maplesoft’s databases.   All of the individuals affected by the security breach have been alerted by Maplesoft directly.


An update to the alert reads:

We have determined that the attachment in the spam email was a virus.

Depending on the antivirus client used it will be identified by one of these names: Zbot, ZeroHour, or Zeus.

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