Marian Regional Medical Center notifies patients whose files were sent to the wrong insurance plan

Marian Regional Medical Center (part of Dignity Health) recently notified patients after electronic files with
“limited patient information” was sent to the wrong contracted health insurance plan during the first week of March. The agent who received it promptly notified MRMC.

According to the letter sent to patients on March 13,  the file information included their name, address, type of insurance, date of birth, date of service, type of laboratory test and test results for dates of service between March 1 and March 6, 2014.  

MRMC notes that the file was sent in secure format, and based on assurances they received from the health insurance plan, they do not believe there has been or will be any misuse of the information. 

A copy of the text of their letter has been uploaded to California Attorney General’s website.

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