Marsh and Mercer report lost backup tape (update 2)

On June 23, insurance broker Marsh and Mercer notified the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office that in April, a back up tape being transported by a third party courier between Marsh offices was lost. The tape contained employee benefits information such as names, addresses, Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, and drivers’ license numbers, and account information. The data were managed by Marsh’s Association business, which operates through Seabury & Smith an Mercer Health & Benefits.

The company states that because of the “complex nature of the security of an information on the tape, and the technical measures which are necessary to determine and analyze the data elements on the tape,” they were still investigating the matter as of the date of their notification.

The total number of individuals with data on the backup tape was not indicated, but they report that 121 New Hampshire residents had data on the tape.

Updated 8-12-10: Marsh and Mercer sent an update to the NH Attorney General’s Office that further investigation revealed that the total number of NH residents affected was 131.  We do not have nationwide totals.

Updated 10-12-10: An update sent to the MD Attorney General’s Office on Aug. 4 indicates that 1,463 MD residents were affected.

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