@MarxistAttorney tweet suggests he’s been arrested (corrected and updated)

Update of March 19: “Attorney” informs DataBreaches.net that he was not arrested and was just taking a break.

Original post:

It appears that a young hacker who goes by the online handle of “Attorney” (@MarxistAttorney on Twitter) has been arrested.

In a tweet tonight, he wrote:

“Attorney’s” claimed hacks that had been reported on this site included California State University, University of Kentucky, University of Connecticut, University of Maryland, Coastal Carolina University, Abertay University, University of Hawaii, Cornell University, University of Chicago, and the recent Rogers hack. At various times, he was affiliated with different groups such Carbonic, and more recently, TeamHans.

Following the Rogers hack, “Attorney” (who described himself to DataBreaches.net as a college student) indicated he was not afraid of being arrested. In fact, he really didn’t seem to make much effort to hide his identity or cover his tracks, as evidenced by the fact that the Rogers hacked email was directed to an email address that “Attorney” had previously identified as his. Given that an extortion attempt was involved (the hackers admitted they offered to not publicize the breach or dump data if Rogers paid them 70 bitcoins),  the use of a previously known email address was a bit surprising.

It is not known at this time whether “Attorney” has actually been arrested and/or charged in the Rogers hack.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

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