Mass data leak after Bar Ilan University refuses to pay hacker $2.5m

After an attack on Bar Ilan University in Israel, it appears that the university refused to pay ransom, and threat actors have dumped some data and may be offering more for sale.

The listing was added to darkrypt’s leak site on September 2. Hundreds have downloaded a dump of 1.8 GB of files described as “Part 1.” Image:

The Times of Israel reports:

Hundreds of thousands of documents and lists containing personal details of students and lecturers at Bar Ilan University have been leaked online, after the institution refused to pay some $2.5 million demanded by a hacker.

The cyberattack happened about three weeks ago, with the hacker — known as “darkrypt” — demanding a ransom. The central Israel university negotiated, but didn’t pay — at the recommendation of the Shin Bet security agency and the National Cyber Directorate.

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