Mass Email Extortion Campaign Claims Server Hack; Tries to Extort Troy Hunt

Phil Muncaster reports:

Security experts have revealed a new extortion campaign threatening to leak sensitive corporate data unless a Bitcoin payment is made.

Microsoft regional director and HaveIBeenPwned founder, Troy Hunt, revealed the unsolicited email in a social media post. It claimed that the fraudsters had hacked his site by exploiting some unnamed vulnerabilities and harvesting database credentials before extracting the “complete data” from all computers and servers.

“We will systematically go through a series of steps to totally damage your reputation. First, your database will be leaked or sold to the highest bidder to be used for any purpose. Next, emails will be sent to all your customers, suppliers and business partners, stating that all of their information has been sold or leaked and your [web] site was at fault for leaking the information and damaging the reputation of all your customers and providers,” the message said.

Read more at InfoSecurity.

I love Troy’s comment in his tweet where he pasted their email.  He simply wrote, “You idiots” with a facepalm emoji. Perfect.

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