Massage school data breach may rub alumni the wrong way

Six hundred and eighty-three Maryland residents who are alumni of the Baltimore School of Massage (BSOM) and Baltimore School of Massage’s Steiner Institute of Esthetics are being offered three years of free credit monitoring, identity protection, and identity theft restoration services following on email error that exposed their information.

On June 17, an employee accidentally attached a spreadsheet with the alumni’s names, student ID numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, and Social Security numbers to an email being sent to alumni. The email with attachment was sent to all 683 alumni whose information was in the spreadsheet.

On June 18, BSOM emailed all the recipients, explaining their error and asking them to permanently delete the email and any copies they might have made.  Letters were sent to them all on or about July 2; a copy of their notification can be found on the Maryland Attorney General’s website.

BSOM is owned by Mid-Atlantic Massage Therapy, Inc.

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