Massive Amount of Hacked Sites by STK, Part 1

content/images/gallery/random3/sql-dump-sqli-no-security-pastebin-com_.png Ok we have come across a huge amount of websites that have been hacked via SQLi attacks that have resulted in loads of user accounts and personal information being leaked on to We will be publishing these in several parts as there is just way to many for one post. The attack comes from a hacker going by the handle of STK and most of the account leaks do have encrypted passwords but sadly some do have clear text, the websites that have been targeted are fairly random and range from America, new Zealand, Australia and other countries. First part will cover 19 sites, minor descriptions and leak details with each. logins usernames and clear text passwordsAFRIM continues to explore new approaches, broadening its reach to a wider constituency and enhancing its competence to participate proactively and more meaningfully in the mainstream development process. It engages in research and policy advocacy. logins encrypted passwordsAltus365 is a leading provider of video search and management systems for sales enablement and corporate knowledge transfer.https://www.antisocial.be2 user logins encrypted passwordsunsure user logins encrypted passwordsAdvanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) has an established reputation in Canada as the most advanced supplement formulator in the country details, emails, phones, passwords and moreOnline car sales user logins encrypted passwordsAximum was created in 2009 by combining the expertise of 20 companies that had been specializing in the various sectors of road safety for half a century. user logins encrypted passwordsFounded by the late James Good of Winslow, Arizona as a local print periodical in 1998 which quickly grew to national recognition thanks to one very popular TV show. user logins encrypted passwordsoffline user logins encrypted passwordsThe Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association (BBEMA) is a not-for-profit charitable organization – the overall organizational goal is “to provide citizen-based education opportunities and direction for citizens of the area to conserve and enhance their environment through planning, education, partnerships and projects”. user logins encrypted passwordsNews blogs usernames and encrypted passwordsclosed a few accounts, encrypted passwordsInterior designers a few accounts, encrypted passwordsback packing on high heels accounts emails, usernames and encrypted passwordsDiscover more than 900 exciting resident rated quality verified Hotspots! rated by more than 400.000 SL residents. accounts emails, usernames and encrypted passwordsBionicle news, sure this has been hacked before. accounts emails, usernames and encrypted passwordssotuh african job search a few accounts, encrypted passwordsSince 1976, the Center for Ecological Technology (CET), a non-profit (501c3) organization, engages in work that demonstrates and promotes practical, affordable solutions to the environmental challenges encountered in our daily activities.**admin login,**Catholic health australia**100+ accounts, emails usernames and encrypted passwords.**New Zealand Audio entertainment supplier. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

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