Massive Amount of Hacked Sites by STK, Part 2

content/images/gallery/random3/sql-dump-sqli-no-security-pastebin-com_.png This is part two which contains part 4,5,6 from STK’s website leaks, see first post for more information. This part contains 25 or so sites, minor information and links to leaks. https://edgartownboardoftrade.comonly one account, encrypted passwordEdgartown is reknowned as an elegant seaport village. The stately architecture has been preserved from the 19th century. 2 accounts, clear text passwordsMulti topic blog accounts, encrypted passwordsElla Fitzgerald was the most popular female jazz singer accounts, clear text passwordsClassified ad website accounts clear text passwordsRSS syndication website accounts, encrypted passwords.**Foreword Communications accounts encrypted passwordsScience information portalhttps://www.fullyfun.INfew got its existence just by luck to have some time pass while accumulation of some good experience on web designing, development, hosting and also to practice PHP, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, HTML, database management. accountSurfboard fins websitehttps://www.cymbeline.comUser accounts, emails, names and passwordsBridal website, passwords, probably fake.**Dans online supermarket website accounts, emails and encypted passwordsonline computer games news and information account leakedbands website accounts, clear text passwords.**touist guide website few accountsGhanaWeb is a comprehensive resource about the country Ghana. and emailsGreenberg Quinlan Rosner is a global leader in public opinion research and strategic consulting. names, passwords and emails and passwords encrypted.**Gridiron news and informationhttps://iainstitute.org10+ accounts emailsThe Information Architecture instituehttps://www.ifcforum.org1000+ accounts, usernames emails and passwords which are encryptedThe founding members of the IFC Forum are law firms in several of the leading small international financial centres. detailsThe inland Northwests health magazinehttps://ipho2010.hfd.hr1 admin account, clear text password41st international physics Olympiad websitehttps://www.islandreccenter.orgdump of clear text adn encrypted accountsThe Hilton Head Island Recreation Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all area residents.**2 accounts with username and passwords.**Personal website account with encrypted password.**Personal website accounts with encrypted passwordssites down Part 4: Part 5: Part 6:

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