Massive dump of data from AlienZ

content/images/gallery/random3/alienza.png AlienZ has been on a roll hacking websites recently and now they have dumped a huge amount of data from these websites. the attack is part of the on going middle east cyber war and is partly in relation to the earlier attacks on Israeli hospitals.

Hey world, We have been busy lately hacking some large sites, and managed to get a total of about 16K accounts to these websites: , , and . Everyone, enjoy this massive leak! Arabs, go to hell. Who the hell DDoses hospital websites? You know that a lot of the people who are in those hospitals are (sadly) Arabs? Personally, I think our government is stupid for allowing terrorists to go to our hospitals. So again, I call all Israeli and Jewish hackers to join us! Email us at [email protected] and help us fight the Arabs!

Leaks and results: part 1 results part 2 results part 3 results part 4 results has 5,000+ accounts in format of username/password and passwords are encrypted. leak: if you’re worried about email being exposed you can check here

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