Massive Military and law enforcement database leaked from meggitt

Today has been anything but quite, with many Tango downs and successful operations by anonymous to the huge data leak they did earlier today besides these there has also been a few other smaller scale leaks and Tango downs. As well as them we have seen another big account information leak that relates to US military, this leak was done in the name of #antisec by a newer crew calling them self’s #Bash

The 2nd and more bigger leak is a US Military and Law Enforcement equipment supplier, this contains allot of information such as passwords, emails, username, etc… This data if accessed could leak more information from the accounts, only guessing what type of data could be there but im sure its very important and secretive. From TuL_htaccess

100 as promised and nao i present my crew #Bash. in the name of #AntiSec Meggitt Database Exposed. hopefully some lulz

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