Maurizio Paniz hacked and defaced by anonymous in the name of #operationitaly

content/images/gallery/random3/deface.png Maurizio Paniz has come under attack from anonymous hackers who have started operationitaly agasint the italian government. The website, which the main part appears to be offline as well was and could still be seen defaced at time of publishing. Press release translated to english.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have Chosen the side of the oppressor. # Anonymous |) | |) | ~ | ~ / = () /? ~ | ~ | – | [- | _ | _ | | _ ~ / _ ‘| | / = /? [- [- |) () | / | Attn ALL Italian citizens! We are the dress rehearsals for the establishment of a single thought in Italy. The investigating judge of Belluno, Aldo Giancotti, has ordered the closure of the entire portal dedicated to the massacre of Vajont, cost the lives of people in 1963 to 1910. The site in question (, is "guilty" of having written: "And if the Mafia is a mountain of shit … i have Scilipoti Paniz and mountain guides." If the Italian is not an opinion, the use of the plural in that sentence does not refer to people but what they represent, then as the first observation one wonders whether it is right that those who viewed the writing is not required to conoscienza of language of the writer. Moreover, one must consider the right of "Scilipoti paniz and" over the right of thousands of users who were obscured as a reference portal, including documents to disappear at least for a period from the network, many photographs, interviews, and theater as the one held in February by the boys of one of the countries of the community still shaken by the memory of the disaster. It is interesting to note that the Italian judiciary has made its debut in the censorship network with a portal like this, going to affect the primary right to information, as if to costiuire a precedent: the judge decides what you can ‘write and what you can ‘know, seriously encroaching on the rights of Italian citizens to information which could disappear from the world to see the entire network newspapers, blogs, information portals, by virtue of one or more sentences deemed detrimental to the rights of an individual citizen. For these reasons we do not lose the opportunity to shut up and act! Wikileaks says "Informations want to be free." And you dear lawyers? In addition to the money and reputation, some healthy you dont want to enjoy freedom? Apparently not, so we decided to make you piss off quite a lot of attacks beginning a long process, that begins with Admin brb: 3 We are Anonymous We are Legion We do not forget freedom We do not forgive injustice United as 1. Divided by 0. EXPECT U.S.!!/operationitaly

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